The condition known as autism until recently has remained hidden to the eyed and understanding of parents, teachers and even professionals. In some parts of the world many people have not even heard about the term, nor understood it nature. The continued quests for understanding autistic disorders have today impacted on a few members of the Nigerian society who have become aware of the crippling effect of this disorder. As children struggle through school, they encounter a lot of difficulties. These difficulties could naturally be inherent in the child or in the child’s environment. Conditions like autism make significant contribution to a child’s inability to learn. Understanding autism is issues that give great concern to everyone who comes in contact with this condition presently, the awareness level is very low among teachers and parent, knowledge about the nature of autism is characteristics and identification strategies would go a long way to ensure identification of its symptoms in children as early as possible.

Autism is a bio-neurological disorder, not a mental illness, which affects the functioning of the brain. The primary responsibility of this organization is to rehabilitate and manage persons with autistic disorder by improving on their sociability, communication, imagination and other associated manifestation.

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