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provide a continuum and sustainable service enhancing skill. Developing children and adolescents with developmental disabilities and their families
increasing the chances of being included as part of the society, in a positive, sensitive and more caring environment
Our programme is professionally designed to improve and develop pupils’s social activities, self help skills and motor coordination.
A variety of non-drug therapy can help a child with cerebral palsy to enhance his or her functionalities.
A child’s intellectual disability (ID) can be obvious during his childhood. Which involves deficit in mental abilities, poor social skills, and core activities of daily living.
As children struggle through school, they encounter a lot of challenges. These challenges naturally can be inherent in the child or his environment.

We offer the best of learning aids...

While we encourage parents to be actively involved in early intervention of their wards. Early detection and intervention are steps which assist a better outcome for children living with autism to develop skills which will lead to a better quality of life in future.

Our Special Programs

• Social activities • Self help skills development • Motor coordination



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Our Teachers

Our teachers are professionally trained to nurture autistic children. They are dedicated to this task and can't wait to meet your kids

Why choose us

The top reasons for you to register your kids with us
Friendly and Accommodating
Children desire care, affection and maximum attention and most times it takes a friendly individual to play this role. That is where we come in.
We are Affordable
Most times good things are not always within the reach of so many and we know this so, we have made our program within the reach of all interested parents.
Experienced Teachers
We have employed qualified staff who are skilled in the handling of children with special needs.
Quality Learning Facilities
We understand that everyone learns in different ways so we have made provision for a wide range of learning facility to accommodate all learning styles.

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